Nutrition at alchemy

Nutrition plays a significant role in weight maintenance, disease prevention, energy levels and our mental health. 
That is why here at Alchemy we feel strongly about having nutrition services available to our community. 
Anyone can chat with our registered dietitian (RD)/sport nutritionist to see how she can help you optimize your workouts and your life!

6 week kickstarter

This program is designed as a cost effective way to dip your toes into the world of nutrition coaching. It is launched 3 x per year and it focuses on building healthy habits. With weekly emails, and 3 check-ins with your Registered Dietian to keep you accountable and on track. 

One-on-one services

Do you ever wonder why changing our nutrition habits can be so difficult?Why can you lose weight but can’t keep it off?  Or do you ever wonder what proper nutrition looks like specifically for you and your lifestyle?
Working with a dietitian can help you navigate a challenging food environment, busy life, and your own fitness goals. 
Book a 15 min free call to discuss how we can work together.

Meet your goals with alchemy nutrition