Group Fitness Classes

While CrossFit is our most popular class, ACF offers a variety of classes and services at our Hamilton and Brantford locations and online!

AC Fit

Our flagship program. Training for every walks of life, tailored to the path you are on. Using dumbbells, bodyweight, cardio, barbells, and kettlebells to become the fittest version of you.

AC Core and Conditioning

By popular demand. Focused on midline strength and endurance, this class features mostly bodyweight and some light weight conditioning as well.

Olympic Weightlifting

A technique and strength focused session where we prioritize the development of the clean and jerk and the snatch. If you really love having a barbell in your hands, this is the class for you.

CrossFit Endurance

When you’re ready to challenge your aerobic capacity this class is for you!  Longer workouts centered around running and rowing.  The kind of workout you talk about for days.


Alchemy‘s roots were in boxing and we still offer that program.  Our boxers will work with technique and padwork but no sparring.  Best sweat we offer!

Functional Mobility

This mat-based class focuses on moving with integrity, alignment and control to unlock strength in mobility. Moving slower, with precision and without momentum, this class targets all your smaller, deeper stabilizing muscles allowing you to fine-tune your movement patterns, breakthrough plateaus and rehab or prevent injuries.