Why You Should Do The Open

What is The ‘Open’?

To explain what the “Alchemy Open” is we have to first explain what the CrossFit Open is.  The CrossFit Open is a three week worldwide competition and the first step towards the CrossFit Games.  In this competition, you are required to complete one workout a week for three weeks. After the three weeks, all of the scores are added up and the top 10% of people advance to the quarterfinal round. This may sound a bit intimidating but for the vast majority the Open is just a place to test, push yourself and enjoy a fun event.  Think of it as signing up for a marathon, most people who register for that don’t go in thinking they are going to win, they sign up to hold themselves accountable to training and just hope to finish. The Crossfit Open is no different.  

Alchemy Open Vs. CrossFit Open 

So how is our “Alchemy Open” different?  

We take the Crossfit Open workouts each week and end them with a big party!  We take the opportunity to celebrate all of our hard earned fitness and have fun.  We divide the gym into teams and each team gets points for PARTICIPATING in the workout and coming out to our party (Friday night lights). The points for the team have VERY little to do about how you are as an athlete you are but rather how good of a teammate you can be. At the end of the three weeks we tally the results and the team with the most points becomes the Alchemy Open champions! 

So why should you do the Open?

The majority of us who come to the gym are just looking to be healthier and to use our fitness to enjoy our everyday life. The Alchemy Open is a time to all come together and celebrate the hard work we put towards the pursuit of this. And we guarantee it will be an experience you will remember the rest of your lives.

And lastly….. Go team Black! 

Coach Broder 

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