What’s Ahead in September?

September workouts are here!

The month kicks off by finishing our 20 Rep Max back squat cycle.  We hope we have built up our athletes’ confidence underneath the weight of a barbell and they see their leg endurance improvements shine in the workouts to come! 

We will be moving our upper body focus, to the push press which will be our main strength component in this cycle.  We are also including lots of single leg work centered around Bulgarian Split Squats. The next few weeks will give us time to learn, play and improve our overhead squat which we will then use the benchmark “Nancy” on September 29th to gauge our progress. For gymnastics we will also start seeing a small amount of higher skill gymnastics movements as we prepare for the Fall Classic Pairs Competition which we will be hosting at the end of October. 

Other notable workouts this month:

We have been building to Hero Workout “Chad” on September 11th.  This is a mental toughness workout. Like any workout it can be scaled but regardless of how you do it, the focus will be on overcoming that voice in your head to keep moving. Special accommodations will be made to allow people to finish the workout if they need to go beyond the allotted class time.

We will also be doing what was many of our members very first workout with us! We are retesting the “Baseline” on September 13th which is always a fan favourite!

Hamilton will get to try out the “Endurance Loop” for the first time this year on September 21st.  The exclusive Hamilton workout that will take us to the Dundurn stairs and back.

Brantford members do fret! That same day you will get to try what may be the toughest workout Broder has ever programmed. It will deserve a name after it is completed!

Lots to look forward to in the month of September!

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