What’s Ahead in October?

The fall weather is here, which is the best time to workout.

This month we will our primary movement will be front squats as our strength focus. We will also be developing our Strict Press and Push Press skills from the past two month into Push Jerks. For our olympic lifts we will be building our skill with the snatch. You can also expect to have a dedicated core piece each week.

Our main focuses for conditioning inthe month of October will be to prepare you for MURPH (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats 1 mile run). This means you can expect lots of body weight workouts centered around pull ups, push ups and squats. We will also be increasing our run capacity for the mile runs.

Keep your eye out for 4 different benchmark workout tests in October!

Two of these benchmarks, Cindy on the 14th and Barbara on the 25th, will focus on the same gymnastics strength and conditioning work as Murph. We will get to finally test all the time we spent strengthening our shoulders and being upside down with the benchmark workout Diane on the 5th, which features 21-15-9 Handstand Push-ups. Our other recognizable WOD will be Karen on the 22nd, so will find we spend a little bit more time playing with Wall Balls.

Capping off the month, on the last weekend of October we will get to put our fitness to the test when we host the Fall Classic Power Hour. This competition will be 1 hour long where you will compete 3 workouts with a partner. We will be hosting the event in Hamilton on the 30th and in Brantford on the 31st.

Looking forward to another great month with our Alchemy Family!

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  1. Are these workouts modified for all levels of fitness? Reading this blog make it sound very advanced.

    1. Absolutely Tiffany! Sometimes we include a litttttle too much jargon (oops!)
      Everything we do is infinitely scalable. Each day you come in the coach will tailor the workout to be an experience designed for you

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