What’s Ahead in August?


We have been getting settled back at the gym with lots of people reacquainting themselves with the barbell and pull up rig.  July we focused on lighter weights and lower volumes and August will look mostly the same with a gradual build of both weight and volume through the month. We also really focused on running in July with our 1-mile retest coming on August 3rd!  Do not be surprised however if you see another mile retest again sometime soon… 

We will be changing our focus towards our 20 rep back squat.  We saw a ton of huge strength improvements the last time we did this.  We will be completing 1 set of 20 reps on the back squat every 4 days in August with the goal of slightly increasing weight each time.  Other strength focuses will be the Deadlift and the Strict Press culminating at the end of the month when we will be testing our max Strict Press. 

With our gymnastics movements we will continue to be working on a lot of strict movements, while you still may see some kipping variations.  For example we will be completing the Benchmark WODs “Jackie” (Aug. 19) and “Helen” (Aug. 24)  this month where we could choose to do some kipping pullups. You will also see a cycle of push ups and dips to prep us for the benchmark “Elizabeth” (Aug. 30)

One thing are excited to reintroduce is scoring the specific workouts.  We think having benchmark movements and workouts is a great way to measure progress so we will be “scoring” 1 workout a week this month.  The purpose is to maybe check up on some friends and see how they did earlier in the day.  This may give you a target to push for, or just to show that you were able to complete the workout and allow you to retest it at a later date.   

August is going to be a fun one! 

BONUS: There is a certain movement you will also notice that the volume is keep increasing from the middle of the month on to prep us for a special September 11th workout.  Can you guess what it is??

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