The Alchemy Open – A Coach’s Reflection

If there’s one thing that stood out to me this year during the 2023 Open, it was that it really is all about the small things. We tend to say this BIG, ambitious things like “I want to be fit” or “I want to be rich” in life. And, while those can be goals, they are overwhelming and don’t give us a place to start – or end – with our goals.

So, when I started this year’s Open, I said to myself “I want to try each workout scaled. I want to encourage my team to have the best turnout to simply participate. And I want to judge as many people as I can, to help them see just how capable they are.” 

And while they were small things, I saw a lot of others doing the same thing – and they were amazing.

I saw SO many people showing up to simply participate. Whether it was a scaled version or just to spectate, the Open was essentially just a big party to celebrate being fit, committed individuals. It was a huge win just to show up. And it didn’t matter what team we were on, or what our scores were – we were all there screaming and yelling support every step of the way. 

I saw people make those little wins left, right and centre – whether that meant lifting more than they thought possible, pacing themselves and getting full rounds further, or simply showing up and proving to themselves that “the Open is not just for competitive athletes.” 

We were all there. We all did it! We are all athletes in our own way. 

And I saw people realize that this daily and weekly practice that they put their effort into all the time pays off with a strong, healthy body. With a community of incredible friends around them. And with a mindset that tells them all the time “you can do hard things. You are strong. You have got this.”

I don’t care what workout CrossFit throws at us. The Open was an example to show us that we have got this. As individuals, as a team, and as a community. 

Congratulations for every win – big and “small” – this year’s team. You’re incredible. And the Open was the perfect chance to showcase that. 

Coach Andrew

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