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The coaches are ALL so incredible. They are so knowledgeable, and VERY thorough. They are great at breaking things down into steps in order to ensure the entire motion is done correctly, and are sure to assist you further if you still need guidance. They are also great at providing ways to scale exercises in order to accommodate people with different limitations and skill sets. I highly recommend Alchemy Crossfit to anyone, no matter your age, and current physical fitness level.
I wanted to get in better shape post-baby, gain confidence doing the lifts that are taught, and I wanted to make some new friends. After only having been a member for a month, I can say that I feel this is the best I have felt in a long time!
I showed up for a one-week trial expecting to endure tough exercise, but what I found was truly profound. Months later, I still feel butterflies as I walk into gym! I’m so excited by the variety and dynamic moves that make up the workouts; motivated by the powerful, credible coaches who lead by example and encourage their athletes to push hard while never allowing form to be sacrificed; inspired by the elite level of fitness I see and the comradery totally unique to this gym; and feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment as I push to reach goals I didn’t think I was capable of achieving. No fitness facility has ever made me want to put on my shoes everyday- its the healthiest addiction I can imagine and I feel more confident in every aspect of my life because of it. It’s hurts sooooooo good and you’ll f’ing love it too!
I will say that I've been to a few different gyms around the area here, and you guys are far and away the best - equipment, coaching, and atmosphere.
You guys really do a great job there at Alchemy. The level of consistency, knowledge, and enthusiasm that all of your coaches bring to the WODs every day there is unparalleled by the other CrossFit gyms I have been a member of in the past. There's a very positive atmosphere at Alchemy that made it very easy to get used to and the programming never got boring or repetitive. It was a great way to escape the stresses of my final year at Mac and there's no doubt that I'm in the best shape of my life!
Thank you Alchemy CrossFit.

I was age 60 when I decided to try to get fit. I had not been physically active for 25 years. At the time I was walking a bit, going to gentle yoga classes and then came to Alchemy CrossFit on Frid Street not knowing what the hell I was going to be doing. I liked the classes. After a year and a half of Alchemy classes twice a week, and vigorous bike riding and walking 40/50 kilometers a week I was getting to be in pretty good condition. And then, bada bing bada boom, with absolutely no warning signs, I had a major heart attack. I was given the full lights on, sirens blaring, running red lights ambulance treatment to the Hospital where they wheeled me directly into surgery, no waiting, and fixed me up with a stent through an angioplasty.

My recovery from the heart attack was excellent and this is directly related to my being supported at Alchemy enabling me to get fit.

During this time of recovery my knees began to deteriorate due to osteoarthritis and I was in great pain. Both my knees have been replaced, 1 year apart and are now both functioning well with no pain. Hallelujah. This is a minor modern medical miracle.

Throughout these years a number of other obscure health symptoms started to surface. To find the cause I have had 2 CT brain scans, x-rays though out my whole body, an uncounted number of blood tests, electrocardiograms, and other tests that I have forgotten. Finally enough symptoms piled up to lead to a definitive diagnosis of… Bingo! Parkinson’s Disease.

And throughout these 4 plus years I kept asking, “When can I go back to Alchemy CrossFit?” In November 2018 my Neurological Physiotherapist endorsed my return to CrossFit. I am very happy to be back working out with the support of Duncan McNeill and all the Alchemy team and community.

I have analyzed my major motivation for CrossFit training and it is vanity. I just want to look good for this next phase of life.