Staff Spotlight: Leanne Owen

When did you start CrossFit and why did it appeal to you?
I joined Alchemy in October 2014 so I’ll get my name on the 10 Year Member board next year! I was originally skeptical of the cost of CrossFit but after doing a free one-week trial at a few different Hamilton boxes, Alchemy was by far the best. I’ve always liked group fitness so the social aspect definitely appealed to me and I love that the coaches know my abilities and when to push me.

Did you do any sports or recreation before or during CrossFit?
I dabbled in a lot of different things growing up but I’ve never been on a team I actually had to try out for. People try to recruit me for different sports and I’m constantly pointing out that being fit isn’t the same as being athletic…
Despite all this, I’m still competitive. I play bat-catcher on a mixed slo-pitch team (mostly for the post-game tailgate) and am part of a running group through Runners Den.

What are your current health and fitness goals?
Like everyone else, I want to get stronger and get my muscle ups back but without doing any extra work lol. I still CrossFit 5x a week on average and work hard, but I’m not really into the competitive side of CrossFit these days and just want to maintain my fitness level and stay healthy. I plan on doing my first half marathon in the fall.

What’s your favourite CrossFit workout?
Anything with body weight movements, gymnastics, double-unders, running and/or a light-moderate weight barbell is good for me.

Outside of CrossFIt, what are we likely to find you doing?
I work as a 911 calltaker/dispatcher for Hamilton Police. In my free time you’ll find me traveling, planning our next travel adventure, cooking, baking, or running. In the summer I also spend a lot of time floating around a pool with a book.

Best Alchemy moment?
Getting my first ring muscle-up was a big one (hoping to get those back lol) and getting a couple clean and jerks at 145# during Open WOD 20.4. Most recently, coming 1st in WODs for Wishes alongside my awesome partner, Jade, against some tough female teams!

If you were a superhero, what powers would you want to have?
Teleportation. I’m impatient and like to accomplish a lot of things in a day so this would be very useful.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Freshly baked bread or pizza. Like they say–even “bad” pizza is still pretty good.

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