November Nutrition

Wondering why your workouts are not giving you the results you want? It could be your NUTRITION

Picture these scenarios. 

Scenario 1

You have committed to going to the gym 5x per week. Things are going really well, you are consistent and you feel like you are getting stronger. Yay! The thing is, you aren’t seeing the changes in your body that you think you should. Have you looked into your nutrition?

Scenario 2

You are a regular at the gym, but now your progress has stalled and you don’t understand why. You can’t seem to push past your PR that you set 4 months ago. Have you looked into your nutrition

Scenario 3

You just feel so gassed in the middle of your workout. You don’t understand why things feel so hard when they felt great a month ago. Have you considered looking into your nutrition

Scenario 4:

This is the time of year when you are constantly coming down with something. You always feel run down, and are on the verge of getting a cold. Have you considered your nutrition?

I see a lot of people that express their body composition frustrations to me. Most of them don’t understand why the hard work they are putting in at the gym isn’t paying off. The truth is that working out, whether your goal is weight loss, weight maintenance or muscle gain is just one part of the equation. An important part that should not be ignored. Nutrition, however, plays the other big part and it is what propels you forward or hinders your performance and goals.  Why is nutrition the harder part of the equation to commit to? Ahh the million dollar question. My perspective is that levelling up your nutrition is not just about making an hour commitment. It is something that needs to be worked at from breakfast to dinner and the results aren’t instantaneous. Personally I don’t feel jacked when I eat my veggies at dinner, it just doesn’t hit the same as hitting your PR. FAIR! BUT trust me when I say the worst thing you can do is underestimate the role nutrition plays in achieving your goals. 

If you are ready to level up your nutrition let us know! 


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