Member Spotlight: Yakov Sluchenkov

What got you into CrossFit?

I honestly can’t remember. I was very active in high-school sports (track and soccer primarily) – and when I went to University and got a “real” job I did a whole lot of sitting around. Years of sitting around, unhealthy eating, resulted in a body I wasn’t very happy with. I was looking for an outlet to get back into shape and feel better, came to the Alchemy CrossFit Hamilton location in February 2017 for the fundamentals class and the rest is history! I eventually moved to Paris, Ontario, and Alchemy opened a Brantford location for me to come to (thanks guys). Now I get to hang out with the awesome Brantford coaches + crew!

What do you like about Alchemy?

The coaches and the fellow CrossFitters that I have met along the way. That’s part of what keeps me coming back. The environment is supportive and the camaraderie is great. In those early days in the fundamentals class, I really appreciated Janet and Kyle’s approach. It’s what kept me from getting discouraged and giving up when I couldn’t walk the next morning.

What is your best memory at alchemy?

A couple to share:

When I was still going to the Hamilton location, the CrossFit Open was running. I can’t tell you what workout it was, but it had a deadlift and a bear crawl component as part of it. Duncan was my judge. I was running out of time to finish the workout with some deadlifts left, but with Duncan’s encouragement and helpful yelling I found the strength to get it finished without putting down the barbell!

The first endurance class I ever attended; the warmup involved what I would describe as dueling assault bikes. Assault bikes facing each other, with a foam roller in between, and the two “riders’ trying to force the foam roller to the other persons side using the air generated by the propellor going as hard as possible. I almost puked. Why Craig? Why?

What are your CrossFit goals?

I enjoy our in-house competitions and I would like to do well in those. Oh and not being so bad at double-unders. Every time I come home from a workout with DUs, my wife asks if I’m attending an S&M club because of all the lacerations on my legs and arms.

Broder once lent me a rope to practice at home and it sat there on the cabinet at the front door for three weeks, after which point I brought it back to him. Don’t tell Broder.

I continue to complain about not being able to do doubleunders.

What is your favourite movement?

Running. Pro-longed suffer-fests of 35+minutes are great.

What is your ideal Sunday?

8am Endurance/Cardio workout with Renee and for the rest of the day whatever my wife tells me to do. Both experiences feel eerily similar.

Salty or sweet?


Body weight or heavy weight?

Body. I don’t like lifting weights, seriously. I like to imagine that Alchemy is a running club and everything else is just getting in the way between running and when we get to run again.

Upper body or lower body workout?

Lower body.

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