Member Spotlight: Simcoe Carmichael

Tell us about yourself!

Hello, my name is Simcoe! I moved from Mississauga to Hamilton in 2022 with my husband, Ian, and dog, Miller. As of April 1, I’ve been doing CrossFit for 8 years, and it will have been 2 years since my free trial class with Alchemy! You’ll usually find me at the 6:15pm class after finishing my day job – I’ve been with Lululemon for the past 5 years, and currently work in Learning & Leadership.

What got you into CrossFit?

After returning home after post-secondary, I missed the sense of community. At the time, I was working as an Early Childhood Educator and having a hard time lifting toddlers all day. A friend brought me to my first CrossFit class where I complained, heaved and burped for 45 minutes. I was horizontal as soon as possible post-WOD. The head coach told me “I never thought we would see you again.” To the surprise of everyone, I was hooked and locked in for an annual membership. CrossFit broke up the monotony of routine and I fell in love with constantly varied, functional fitness at a high intensity. I loved it so much, I coached CrossFit for adults and kids for 5 years before moving to Hamilton.

What do you like about Alchemy?

I appreciate the friendly coaching staff, welcoming community and a balanced programming approach to cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting. Alchemy also knows how to put on awesome events – from the Open to WODs for Wishes, even the Alchemy Regatta (Hello, April 22!)

What has been your proudest moment at Alchemy?

Although there are personal bests that I could celebrate, I’m most proud of making new connections and friendships. It was hard to move from my previous gym where I knew everyone, to a new place where I knew no one. It’s a scary feeling, even in a place as welcoming as Alchemy. I’m proud of pushing past the nerves of talking to new people and making meaningful connections. Community is just as important for my health and happiness! 

What are your CrossFit goals for the future?

I have goals to be a more well-rounded athlete. Although I love to lift, I have goals to improve my cardiovascular endurance and gymnastics. As soon as the Alchemy garage door opens, you can expect to see me attending those inevitable running WODs!

If you could design the perfect workout, what would it include?

A triplet that challenges cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting with a descending ladder for time is my favourite type of WOD. I love the feeling of getting through the higher volume rounds and picking up the speed as the rounds get shorter!

5 Rounds for Simcoe for Time
Skipping (50-40-30-20-10)
Handstand Pushups (10-8-6-4-2) Heavy Power Cleans (5-4-3-2-1)
*no time cap

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you started CrossFit?

Aside from feeling stronger and healthier, the biggest change has been my confidence. CrossFit was a safe way to test my physical capacity, and it changed the way that I viewed myself. I now see myself as someone who can set goals and overcome hard things. It never gets any easier – you get better, faster, stronger. 

When you’re not at the gym, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I love heading out to local Hamilton events – Art Crawl, TiCats games, festivals and food events. 

What’s your favourite local Hamilton food spot?

It is really hard to pick just one! A perfect day would include a loaf of sourdough from Dear Grain, a sandwich from Artie’s, a Detroit-style slice of pizza from MaiPai, and the best (yes I said it) donuts in town from Cafe Baffico

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