Member Spotlight – Rebecca F.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Rebecca and I just turned 28. I grew up in Brantford Ontario and now live just outside of Brantford with my husband and our dogs. I love to be active outdoors and spend time with my family and friends.

How did you get started with Alchemy?

My friend Sarah got me into CrossFit. She kept telling me to come to a class with her so I finally did and haven’t looked back!

What keeps you here? And tell us about something you have accomplished!

I love the welcoming environment of Alchemy. Everyone there is so friendly and encouraging which helps motivate you to always do your best. Definitely my improvement in strength. I am already able to lift much heavier than I ever have! My proudest moment has been hitting a PR on a back squat (among many other PRs). My goals for the future is to be able to do a pull up with no modifications!

If you could choose any workout what would it look like?

My perfect workout would probably include rowing and squats.  (You might want to check out Broder’s birthday workout on the 28th!)

What are you doing when you are outside the gym?

When I am not at the gym, my favourite thing to do is anything outdoors with the dogs. In the winter we do a lot of dog sledding and in the summer we do a lot of swimming!

Where should we go eat when we are in Brantford?

My favourite Brantford restaurants are Gran Sasso and Al Dente. Always a great experience with smaller local restaurants! My go to is the Thai Chicken Penne at Al Dente and you can’t wrong with any of Gran Sasso’s pizzas. And don’t get me started on the cannolis!

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