Member Spotlight: Matt Arnott

Tell us about yourself!
A little about me…I have been doing CrossFit for almost 13 years. I’m originally from Belleville, but moved to St. George after graduating from McMaster University. My wife’s name is Vicki. She introduced me to running, but kicks my butt at it, so we can’t do that together anymore. Well, we can, but it’s no fun chasing her for 16km. We have a daughter, a son and a pug. I am a Physiotherapist and co-owner of Avenue Physiotherapy in Brantford and newly opened St. George Physiotherapy. I can be found Mon-Sat mornings at Alchemy in Brantford. 6am or 8am.

How did you get into CrossFit?
My friend Tim talked it up 12-13 years ago. A couple guys on the fire department that worked with him, George and Shawn, started the first CrossFit gym in Brantford out of the back of a dance studio that Tim and his wife owned. I kept hearing, “you gotta try this workout, you’ll love it”. And I did!

What do you like about Alchemy?
Having been a CrossFit participant for more than a decade, I can honestly say that Alchemy has got the formula right. Not only are Broder and Duncan great technical coaches, they constantly strive to improve their gym and do positive things for their members and the surrounding community. Alchemy has great coaching and programming with the right amount of challenge. It is able to get the best out of each athlete and emphasize competition against oneself as opposed to others. As a physiotherapist, it’s important to me that those members that have physical limitations are provided with insightful alternatives if they aren’t able to do a movement. The coaches at Alchemy have a good grasp of what each person is capable of and can customize individual workouts as needed. Coaches keep the atmosphere light and are always eager to help. Even that red headed fellow. 

What is your favourite memory at Alchemy?
Best memory at Alchemy. Probably, Gala 2019. Just a great night. Non-stop laughs. Soon to be topped by Gala 2022?

What are your CrossFit goals?
Short term: winter strength build, improved left shoulder mobility, and learn to love the rower again for a few months. Long term: keep on keeping on. Stay consistent (6 days a week, 12 months a year).

What is your favourite movement?
Favourite movement, anything mobility related. Without that, CrossFit becomes painful or impossible or just painfully impossible.

What is your dream workout?
A chipper. With a little bit of everything. Barbell, pushup/pullup/squats, T2B, cardio and KB. 25min+. A mental grind. The kind of WOD you don’t think you can finish, but you do. Really, any WOD that makes you feel like you’ve put in a full day’s work by 7am.

What is your ideal weekend day?
Saturday. 8am WOD followed by 30min of grunt work (sled, Dball, carries, etc). If it’s been a good week of WODs I might even steal a 20min nap after. Then something with the family. Preferably outdoors. Nightcap involves relaxation and an obscene amount of food. I might  recommend the large naked Halibut bowl with everything and extra protein from Burrito Boyz or newly discovered Lazeez on the rocks (large with extra chicken) for dinner. 

PLUS… Chip night. For as long as I can remember, Friday family nights typically involve our two kids, Vicki and myself all gathering for a movie, show or game. Each of us gets one family sized bag of chips. We sit down with homemade sour cream, onion and cream cheese dip and each polish off an entire bag. It’s good for the soul.

Do you have advice for new CrossFitters?
You won’t love every movement. The ones you hate the most are likely the ones you need to do the most. Stay consistent. The only way the pain goes away is by putting your body through it regularly. When you feel yourself plateauing, do a competition. It will push you to new heights. Find someone to push you, and push them back. You’ll never do as well training by yourself as you will with others to motivate you.

How do you stay in CrossFit for the long run?
When you’re really young, it’s easy. CrossFit and do whatever you want. Stay out late, eat whatever you want, drink, get up, workout, rinse and repeat. When you’re not-so-young, same as before but throw a baby into the mix. It will help you scale back on the partying and your child will make the schedule for you. Your fitness will probably regress at first from the demands of parenting. That’s normal. But eventually, you will find your routine. When you’re no-longer young, tighten up your diet and dial in the sleep. Hit middle age? You better take mobility seriously. Into the second half of life or beyond and still CrossFitting? You no longer need advice on longevity, you give it lol.

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