Member Spotlight: Joe L.

Tell us about yourself! How did you get started with Alchemy?

I moved to Hamilton six years ago with my wife. We have two beautiful boys under 2 and a 5 year-old Barbet dog Burton who I love to spend time with. I love being outdoors and active – hiking, golfing, and playing football in the summer and snowboarding and playing hockey in the winter. During the pandemic my gym closed, and I found myself not working out. My friend recommended Alchemy and said I would really like it. I gave it a shot and haven’t looked back since. 

What do you like about Alchemy? 

To me the most important thing in a gym is the atmosphere and that starts with the coaches. The coaches are always positive, energetic, and extremely helpful and because of them they create a welcoming community filled with great people! I also love the style of workout. It’s a fast-paced workout that focuses on functional fitness. It’s incredible what I can get out of a 45-minute workout at Alchemy!

What has been your proudest moment at Alchemy? What are your future Goals?

My proudest moment is just my commitment to Alchemy. I used to go to the gym all the time, but then fell out of the habit for a few years. I now go to five classes a week and it has become a big part of my life. I just want to keep improving – gaining strength and endurance. I also want to get better at some of the technical exercises such as double-under and handstand push ups, as well as attend the functional mobility classes and work on improving my flexibility and mobility. 

If you could design the perfect workout what would it include?

The perfect workout for myself would be a grueling 30-minute high intensity workout (Friday August 27th is for you Joe!) followed by a nice cold beer!

What is the biggest change you have seen in yourself since you started at Alchemy?

Joining Alchemy has positively impacted my overall health – both my physical and mental well-being. I am a fire fighter and I have also noticed at work that my endurance has improved since I started working out at Alchemy.

When you are not at the gym what is your favourite thing to do?

Spending time with my family and getting together with friends for drinks and lawn, card or board games.

What is your go to Hamilton restaurant? 

While I love a good patio, during the pandemic and with two young kids we have been mostly having take out. For lunch, we love soups at the Burnt Tongue on Locke Street and for dinner our two favourites are Masala Corner on Main Street West for Indian food and Tomah on Queen Street South for Syrian food. Both restaurants are family owned, provide excellent service and have delicious food!

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