Member Spotlight: Jenn Zuccolo

Tell us about yourself!
I am a born and raised Hamiltonian. I grew up in Dundas but have since moved to the West Mountain. I married my husband, Dan, last September and we are expecting our first baby this November. I am a physiotherapist and currently work in pediatrics at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre. I have always loved sports and being active. I am a long distance runner and my favourite race is the Around the Bay Road Race. I am also a Disney fanatic and a girl who loves her sleep. My favourite foods are watermelon, fattoush salad and ice cream! 

What got you into CrossFit?
Originally, I started CrossFit in 2009 in my second year of university after I was sidelined by a running injury. My chiropractor suggested it as a way to cross train and build strength for running. Soon after starting, I was hooked and eventually CrossFit was my primary sport and running became secondary. I dabbled in the competitive side of CrossFit for a little bit and after, decided to take a break altogether. Last year, I realized I truly missed it and decided to return to Alchemy while still focusing on running–a decision I have not regretted!

What do you like about Alchemy?
I love the gym’s deep commitment to the community. Ever since I originally joined Alchemy in 2010, the gym has always been home to an amazing group of coaches and members. I have such high respect for the culture of fun, camaraderie and healthy living that is fostered. Further, I am grateful for the coaches commitment to supporting members and their desire to be active through different phases of life. So far in my pregnancy, they have helped me stay safe by helping to monitor and modify movements and intensity. I am so grateful to be able to come, have fun, and feel good throughout this journey.

What has been your proudest moment at Alchemy?
Since returning, my proudest moment has been regaining my unassisted pull-ups. Currently, I am proud of my ability to step back and modify (with the support of the very caring coaches), which is very uncharacteristic of my usual approach to working out.

What are your CrossFit goals for the future?
I would like to make the leaderboard for the girl WODs “Karen” and “Nancy” and complete 10 unassisted, consecutive pull ups.

If you could design the perfect workout, what would it include?
My favourite movements: wall balls, overhead squats, push ups, and running. 

When you’re not at the gym, what’s your favourite thing to do?
Pre-pregnancy, I loved to run! Now, I really enjoy hiking and napping.

What’s your favourite Hamilton restaurant?

The West End Diner.

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