Member Spotlight: Christine W.

Tell us about yourself Christine!

I’m the lucky mom of three amazing sons (Taylor, Connor and Brennan),  who you may have seen around the gym at various times and three awesome daughters-in-law (Brit, Sarah and Julia)!! I’ve got a lovely golden retriever (Lyra) and several “fur” grandbabies.  Recently, I retired after teaching for (37 years) so I’m trying to get used to doing whatever I want to do – what a concept.  

I started coming to Alchemy about 6 years ago. Taylor has been great friends with Broder since elementary school (he used to hang out at our house and help eat all the food,!). So, when I heard that he and Duncan had taken over a CrossFit gym, I knew I needed to give it a try. After my first visit, I was hooked.  

What has been your proudest moment or big changes you have seen in the past 6 years?

I could not believe that I was able to rope climb to the top !!! Also, participating in the CrossFit Open and charity competitions has been challenging and a bit nerve-wracking.  I am always surprised how well I perform. (She’s humble, Christine is a machine!)

I’ve definitely increased my overall strength.  Shoulders have always been my weakest area, and although the progress is slow, I am making headway. My participation in the nutrition challenge was an eye opener.  I realized that I needed to change my eating habits and include a LOT more veggies in my diet.

If you were to design the perfect workout, what would it include?

I really like front and back squats, bench press too! But any AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout with a variety of movements is always a favourite.  

When you’re not in the gym, what’s your favourite thing to do?  

I really enjoy the outdoors, so I often go hiking, golfing, skating and cross country skiing with my friends. Gardening is another one of my hobbies and my kids keep me busy, helping with their landscaping. I also enjoy yoga and badminton – anything that gets me out of the house.

Where is the go to dining experience in Ancaster?

I like to support the local restaurants: Brewer’s Blackbird, Cavello Nero and Olive Board, just to name a few! 

Closing thoughts?

Alchemy is such an amazing, inclusive place.  It doesn’t matter your age or fitness level, the staff and gym members make you feel welcome.  I love the variety of the workouts and the coaches’ tips.  As well, I get to workout with my gym buddy, Shannon. It’s just a lot of fun.  

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