Member Spotlight: Chelsea Brook

What got you through the Alchemy doors? 

What got me through the Alchemy doors was all the positive things people were saying and they were right. Started my journey at CrossFit Brantford then to Durst and when I heard about all the good things at Alchemy I had to make the switch. 

What keeps you coming back for more?

What keeps me coming back for more is the community, this place isn’t just a gym I have gained so much more than overall fitness… I’ve gained life long friendships. I never have the feeling of darn I have to go to the gym I get excited to go and I miss it when I can’t. 

What has been your proudest Alchemy moment to date? 

My proudest moment at alchemy was stringing together my T2B thanks to coach Broder

You have to choose one! Powerlifting or Weightlifting? Why? 

Weightlifting I wouldn’t have said this at the beginning of my CrossFit journey but weightlifting challenges me in a way that powerlifting doesn’t. 

What is your favourite Benchmark workout? 

DT I love barbell cycling

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you started CrossFit?

The biggest change I’ve seen since starting CrossFit is my mindset towards health and fitness. Since starting CrossFit I’ve made my progress not about how I look in the mirror or what the scale says, it’s how I feel. I love seeing how I progress when we test our bench mark workouts and if I can PR on a big lift. 

Morning workouts? Or evening workouts? 

Morning, Evening, noon I’m everywhere but my favourite is the morning at 8:00am. 

Is there a hidden gem restaurant in the Brantford area? 

If you like Indian you have to try the Everest Grill 

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