Member Spotlight: Chad Garlow

Tell us about yourself! 

As an avid introvert – the last 6 months have involved work, working out, sleep – then repeat. Outside of that, I have an eclectic array of interests including movies, sporting events (Go Patriots!), poker, comic books, Star Wars, discovering new restaurants, people watching and scoping out new donut shops!!! And yeah, I like growing stuff. I also have 2 grown daughters who seem to enjoy testing the limitations of my patience. 

What got you into CrossFit? 

The first time around it was Tracy H., this last time it was Julie H. I was shopping at Sports Check and noticed these sweet looking Metcons. Of course i couldn’t consciously buy them unless i was going to use them “properly”. As fate would have it, Julie asked me if i wanted a 30 day trial membership at Alchemy around the same time. I guess I’ve learned to recognize what the universe is putting out there…. so here i am. I really like that the workouts always change AND they can be modified when needed.  

What’s been your proudest moment at Alchemy?

This is an easy one…. a couple of weeks ago i was able to complete the running part of a workout without stopping. Let’s be honest, i run like a turtle walking through peanut butter on the best of days – but this day i was able to do it without stopping. That was a great feeling considering 6 months ago running was an impossible task for me. 
What is your favourite movement?

Call me crazy, but i love seeing DUBs on the board. Some days i have them humming along like a champ, other days it’s a complete disaster. 

What are your CrossFit Goals? 

Gone are the days of wanting to look great at the beach. Nowadays, my goal is to keep the ticker running as best i can. I’ve made it to the half way point in life – i want to be able to enjoy the ride just a little longer. I will say though, it has been fun shopping in regular stores for clothes. 

How do you feel about the workout “Chad?” 

I’ve had the privilege of doing “Chad” once before – and I’m happy to say i completed it. I couldn’t walk for a couple days after, but i completed it. I read about this Hero WOD shortly after finishing. This workout was in honour of Chad Wilkinson, a 21 year veteran Navy Seal who took his own life. It would be cool to try this WOD again in October to commemorate his story.

What is your ideal Sunday?

I play poker every Saturday night, Sundays are typically for laying on the couch with an abundance of snacks and enjoying the television – especially during football season. I have also been known to head out for a road trip & adventure. On occasion I’ve found myself at the gym. I guess it really depends on where the wind takes me.

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