Member Spotlight: Ceri Gibbs

My name is Ceri and I’ve been moving (mainly running or cardio) since I started working out with my Dad when I was 16.  I love anything endurance.  I got into crossfit mainly for barbell work.  I love the community at Alchemy, everyone is welcoming, and encouraging no matter what your level.  No one is ever left behind. I have many great memories at Alchemy…I can’t name just one. MY Crossfit goal has been and will continue to be my lifelong goal….to get a pull up.  It’s a work in progress!  My favourite movements are squats/ wall balls/box jumps/deadlifts.. My ideal Sunday is an endurance workout and then some Yin yoga.  Favourite treat is always Cadbury Milk Chocolate.  My ideal workout would be a 20 minute chipper that includes box jumps, squats, wall balls and maybe a run.  Love the coaches at Alchemy. Love my workout!

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