Member of the Month: Amanda Grundy

What got you into CrossFit? 

One of my girlfriends was an Alchemy member when she was working in Brantford, and I was looking for something that was fitness, but also a sport. I wanted to try a class then COVID shut things down, and during that time, I started watching old CF competitions and wanted to try it even more! 

What do you like about Alchemy?

Community. It’s such an amazing group of people that I get to hang out with every day!

What is your best memory at alchemy? 

There’s a lot of great ones, but my best memory is deadlifting with Coach Eryl during my first weeks as a member. I’d only ever done trap bar deadlifts, so she taught me how to do it with a barbell. The workout was for a 1 rep max, and I was at 195 when she came to record my weight, so she made me go for 200 since I was so close and I hit it! 

What are your CrossFit goals? 

Too many! I’d like to do a handstand, strict pullups, and hit a deadlift at 2x bodyweight 🙂

What is your favourite movement? 

Power cleans, hands down #1!

If you could make an ideal workout, what would it include?

Probably an EMOM of plyo drills, power cleans, rowing, and box jumps

What is your ideal weekend routine? 

Getting a long run in on Saturday, time with my husband and dogs, and a Sunday full of showings or an Open House, capped off with a family dinner.

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