Mastering the Art of Showing up

Mastering the Art of Showing up


When trying to achieve a goal you set for yourself there are always times, especially near the beginning of the journey, when there is internal resistance to your progress. This particular concept to overcome the resistance is to set very small goals as stepping stones to more impressive successes.

In the book Clear suggests something that takes 2 minutes or less.  For example, is your goal to run a marathon? Even a run around the block can seem like more trouble than it’s worth some days. However, if your goal starts out as lacing up your running shoes each day, that seems incredibly manageable. Once you have your shoes on it would seem foolish not to at least get outside for a walk. And so begins a small habit that can snowball into greater things.

This January, reduce your goal down to its basic unit, start small, lace up your runners and master the habit of showing up!

–Coach Duncan

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