March Programming Notes

Welcome to March and congratulations on finishing the CrossFit Open 

This means we have been catering to “unknown” workouts for the last couple of weeks.  Programming for the month was designed to make sure we were ready to tackle that workout on Fridays and then followed up with a well rounded workout on the Saturday. 

The lifts we are focusing on for March will be the split jerk, and the back squat and at the end of the month we will have a chance to retest both .  We will also be playing with a snatch complex (remembering a complex is the term for completing multiple different movements consecutively).

Now that the Open workouts are over we will have a couple benchmark workouts to round things out.  One being “Jackie” the other being “Mary”.  Mary has a lot of gymnastic work in it with pullups, handstand push ups and pistols (single leg squats) so each week through the month we will take one of these positions and work on it.  If we don’t have these movements we will be focusing on strength work as building blocks to work towards getting them. 

Sundays in March will be for squat mobility, trying to really improve our positions and depth, and for hollow hold positional work.  Which is a major piece to develop stronger gymnastic positions.  

As a bonus you will start to see a little bit of running sprinkled in as we hopefully get back to the warmer weather.  We have been on the rowers and bikes a lot and it will be nice to get outside.  The running will continue to ramp up as we get into April as we prep for a spring full of being outdoors!

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