Karve Cycle

New Benchmark WODs
Each benchmark will focus on a different aspect of CrossFit from weightlifting to gymnastics to endurance. Unlike the CrossFit Girl WODs, these benchmarks will be Alchemy-specific, created by our awesome coaches! If you were in the gym on December 30 and got to experience “Running with the Devil”, you can thank Coach Kim for that challenging test of stamina (and for adding the word “lungester” to our vocabulary!)

Upcoming Benchmark WODs:
Snakes and Ladders – January 6
Fran – January 10th
Alchemy Baseline – January 16
Warp Drive – January 20th
Fight Gone Bad – January 31st




Lots of rowing! Short interval rows, and long 3km rows.  This will be to test our 2k row time at the end of the cycle.  Throughout the month as well we will be focusing on unilateral pressing and squatting with back rack lunges and landmines presses.

January programming focuses on barbell strength; specifically squats and pressing with lots of single leg accessory work.

There will still be some running in preparation for our members competing in the Around the Bay Road Race. You can also expect to see more long WODs and dumbbell movements.

January programming will focus on bar muscle ups and handstands.

We will be continuing to do tough partner WODs to prepare for upcoming pairs competitions.

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