January Programming Notes

Welcome to 2022! January is the time everyone is feeling the most motivated so let’s get at it!

This month is designed to set up everyone for a healthy and happy year.  

As always we program around some progression through foundational lifts. In January those will be the front squat, bench/floor press, and the deadlift.  Each week one of these movements will be paired with accessory lifts as well to make sure we are really rounded out by the strength of each movement. 

In only 2 months we will be back in the CrossFit Open (check out last weeks post for Open tips).  It is always the most fun season for fitness and we will be focused on getting some gymnastics skills ready for the test!  Every Tuesday we will be focusing on one skill. Take advantage of these days to help prepare you for movements (or the alternatives to them) like toes to bar and chest to bar pull ups  

Gymnastics isn’t the only important part of the Open, we will also need to increase our comfort and competency with using a barbell.  Typically, holding onto a barbell for multiple reps and being able to seamlessly move between exercises will come in handy, so we are going to do light weighted workouts with the barbell to get ready. 

Our Fridays will continue to be ‘test days’ where we focus on our benchmark workouts and some fun ones are coming up. January 7th and 21st we will be taking another shot at two old CrossFit Open workouts (15.5 and 16.3) On Jan. 14th we will get into one of those barbell workouts I just mentioned called ‘DT’ and on the 28th we will have a fan favourite, Fight Gone Bad!

Sundays will be focused on knee and shoulder health where we will make sure that our smaller joints are well taken care of and getting stronger. 

As in all winter months we will continue to see a lot of rowing. Use these opportunities to improve the skill rather than just moving for the hell of it. We will be giving lots of tips and cues to help you out along the way. 

January is going to be an exciting one, ENJOY!

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