Improving your life through Goal setting

Here at Alchemy Crossfit we have recently implemented a large scale goal setting endeavour for our athletes. Each member has been set up with a coach who sat down with them and discussed their time at Alchemy, what they have achieved, and what they still wish to achieve. From here, a specific and measurable goal was determined, with a multitude of small benchmarks to hit along the way. I for one am thrilled with this new advancement, and have heard a lot of positivity from our members thus far. Everyone seems optimistic about their future at Alchemy and excited to tackle their individual goals. However I believe that we can and should go a step further, looking past the gym, and into our personal lives. Although we are all at different stages in our lives, we all should be striving for improvement. Whether it be an advancement in your career, a re-connection with family/friends, or even just becoming more involved in the community. We all likely have something in our personal lives that we wish we could improve upon. Why not then implement the same strategies from the gym to help with this? I challenge you to take a good look at your life and find something that you would like to accomplish that would give you great satisfaction. Be specific, set a timeline, make intermediate benchmarks, and most importantly WRITE IT DOWN! Just like with the goal board at Alchemy, once something has been written down, it becomes that much more concrete and permanent. Write it somewhere that you will see it every day, reminding you of the task at hand. No one should remain complacent in their lives. Everyone should want to strive for more. Let’s put the work in and make it happen!

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