How Did Alchemy Start?

A timeline to see how it all began

2009   Coach Adam Morden was part of a team that opened one of Canada’s first CrossFit affiliates, “Steel City CrossFit”.  Eventually the band broke up and this led to the opening of CrossFit Stoney Creek, CrossFit Ancaster, and Adam opening Alchemy CrossFit in 2009.  Adam built a great community from the ground up and we still have some of the original members more than a decade later (including Coach Craig and Coach Janet!)

2013   Owner Duncan joined Alchemy after trying out several gyms in the area and falling in love with the coaching and the people.  He moved from being a member to working in sales and coaching.  A few dominos fell into place this year with owner Adam moving to B.C., the current head coach leaving to start her own gym and Broder moving back to Hamilton to work with Alchemy.

 2014 The sale of Alchemy CrossFit to the McNeill brothers had been finalized and so began their journey! It was a hard first year with a change in ownership and a large loss of members who followed the previous head coach to her new gym but thanks to an awesome team and a little elbow grease Alchemy scraped by.

2015-2018 These were the years Alchemy matured as a business. In 2014 the gym was a group of friends working out.  You could describe it as a rag-tag gym with a lot of heart. Through these 4 years we learned a lot of lessons and grew as people and a business doubling in membership count and establishing ourselves as a community of experts that care about people and their self-improvement. 

2019 Alchemy Brantford was opened. With the growth of Hamilton in members and the increased role of essential staff it was a natural move to find a second location.  Being a growing city nearby and finding a great opportunity in an underserved gym community.  The first year saw Brantford grow to a membership base of over 130 people and they were off to the races!

2022 Alchemy Hamilton moved across the street to it’s current home at 82 Frid Street!

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