CrossFit is for everybody. Come Find out why!

We will book you a FREE 1 ON 1 SESSION with one of our coaches, where they will go over the most common questions that are asked:

  • What is Alchemy and CrossFit all about?
  • Do I have to be in amazing shape to start?
  • How will CrossFit help me reach my personal goals?
  • How much does it cost?

As well as answering these questions we will show you how a typical CrossFit class would run, then we take you through a small workout.  We will focus on 5 basic movements, teach you how to properly do them and put your through your very first Workout Of the Day!

Once you have completed your 1 on 1 session you then have a FREE Class to come try out all the different classes we offer as well as work with our coaches closely to start achieving your goals. We want you to fall in love with us before you decide to sign up! We are confident that once you try Alchemy CrossFit no other gym will measure up!

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