February Programming Notes


Lockdown’s stink, but the good thing is we were able to really improve our dumbbell skills and get stronger with our body weight movements, right!? Great timing too, as those new skills and strengths will be tested during the CrossFit Open which is starting on February 24th.

For those new to Alchemy this is a 3 week event where gyms around the world complete the same workout each week.  If you are into the idea of competing this allows you to compare yourself across all types of populations (geographical, age, job, etc.). And if you don’t care about competing we host an awesome participation based Alchemy Open. Either way we make it fun. 

With that being said, February will be focusing on ramping us up for this event.  It will consist of working on movements that we will most likely see (wall walks, pull ups, barbell work) and we will of course have multiple options to help to progress to these movements.  

Along with a focus on our foundational gymnastics we will have three strength focuses for the month.  The two big ones are front squats which we will be testing on the 18th, and bench press/floor press which we will be doing the entire month and testing at the very beginning of March.  For Olympic lifting we will be focusing on the clean for strength, and working on developing our skills with barbell cycling. (which means moving a light barbell safely, smoothly and quickly from one rep to the next.) 

A few more workouts to look forward to are “The Hulk”, Valentine’s Day, and 17.1. ‘The Hulk’ will work on those aforementioned Barbell skills and 17.1 consists of lots of dumbbell work.  Our Valentine’s Day workout will be a Partner WOD where you can choose your own partner if you wish (maybe by giving them a Valentine?)

On Sunday’s for January we had planned a focus in the programming on knee and shoulder health. We thought it was too good to miss, so in February we will still have Sunday focusing on those two areas! 

Again welcome back and we are so happy we can have you back in the gyms!

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