December Programming Notes

Welcome to December! 

We have been building up to something for months…the CrossFit Total! (the total weight of your back squat, strict press, and deadlift) And we kicked off December by doing this on day one. Hopefully we all have enjoyed the strength cycle and had a great day testing all three lifts!

Now that we have those lifts out of the way we are going to start focusing our attention on some gymnastic skills! Think less Simone Biles and more learn how to do a pull up properly.  Each week we will pick a skill to work on with drills to help develop and master the basics of each movement.  Then, we will test these skills in a workout a few days later.  All of these movements will help to develop upper body and core strength.  

Even though we are in our colder months, there will still be running built into our program.  We love getting out and running in cooler months but there will always be alternatives if running in the cold isn’t your thing. Just remember to dress for the occasion because no matter the temperature we will be encouraging everybody to get outside!

At the end of the month we again have one of our personal favorites, the 12 days of Christmas workout (done like the lyrics from the song). This workout will always take place on the 24th of December

Lastly, do not be surprised to see a couple more old CrossFit Open workouts popping up as we start to prepare for the next CrossFit Open in March. If you have never done the Open, it is a major event at Alchemy so stay tuned!  

Wishing everyone a fit and happy holiday!

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