CrossFit since 2009.

We are looking forward to working with you to help get you in the best shape of your life! Contact us to book a FREE Trial and see why Alchemy CrossFit has been awarded “Best Fitness Club”, “Best Boot Camp”, and “Best Overall Customer Service”!

Frequently Asked Questions

No! CrossFit has an open business model – they are not a franchise. This means individual CrossFit boxes operate under their own philosophy and offer their own atmospheres; each owner and each staff is completely different. We are the only gym in the area that has multiple career coaches whose sole job is to make sure they are the best coach they can be. Recently big name gym’s have taken to offering “CrossFit” classes, often taught by uncertified or inexperienced trainers to try to cash in on CrossFit’s growing reputation. Hamilton’s Alchemy CrossFit has been around since 2009 and is one of Canada’s earliest CrossFit boxes. We operate on three core values; inclusive, excellence, and fun! Come on in for a free trial to see what effect an awesome community has on your training!

Membership Terms:
Alchemy CrossFit offers a variety of memberships to work with your schedules and budgets that are monthly reoccurring payments. We DO NOT have contracts. . We also offer 10 class and 20 class passes.

Upgrading your membership:
We understand that things change; work or school can get crazy, or you can set new fitness and life goals that demand more training time. We make it easy to change your membership to suit your schedule. All you have to do to adjust your membership is talk to one of the coaches.

Unlike most in the fitness industry we are not in the business locking you in. We also don’t charge “Initiation”, “Start-Up”, “Gym Improvement”, or “Hold” or cancellations fees. All we ask is for 14 days notice.

We ask for a void check or a per-authorized debit form to simplify the monthly billing for your account. We do not currently accept credit or debit cards.

We understand that people are busy. We want to treat our members the way we would like to be treated. Our memberships allow you to attend whichever classes and class times interest you. You can come on Monday and Wednesday afternoon one week, and Tuesday and Thursday morning the next. You can take CrossFit classes, Metcon Classes, Boxing, Endurance, or Olympic weightlifting. If there is a class that you’re interested in, you can try it out!

Alchemy CrossFit offers exceptional value for your fitness dollar. Memberships include, nutritional support, Active Release treatment, and more – an amazing value for one low payment a month. Our memberships range from $120-$210 per month. We also give discounts for Students, Families, LEO/Fire/EMS/Military personnel. No one else in Hamilton offers the same range of included services, the same level of training, or anywhere near the same fitness bang for your buck.