Staff Spotlight: Jenna Halayko

When did you start CrossFit and why did it appeal to you?

Very end of 2019. I had been “re-developing” a love/passion for fitness and activity other than recreational sports during my pre-service firefighter training at Conestoga. I was friggin’ bored at the commercial gym. Wandering around with no plan or clue, no gym buddies, feeling zero support or community, spending more time scrolling on my phone than actually doing anything. An amazing friend of mine heard my struggles (whining) and jumped in and told me about the amazing community that is Alchemy and the wicked sport that is CrossFit. She’d been a member with Alchemy for years and offered me her “1 Month Gift of Fitness” free trial and I was hooked…. Instantly. Thanks Kim <3

Did you do any sports or recreation before or during CrossFit? 

All of them. Backcountry hiking + paddling, softball, hockey, waterpolo, dodgeball…  If it was a team sport of sorts and it was outside I was involved. Mostly sports involving a ball. My primary focus was on softball and have never missed a season since the moment I could stand.

What are your current health and fitness goals?

Oh man .. I feel like the more times I get the opportunity to surprise myself with what I’m capable of the answer changes to this question. Outside of the obvious training for my future career, I love being a role model for my niece and getting to show her how cool being strong is (I think she thinks I’m cool??). Learning to enjoy running (apparently running around the baseball diamond doesn’t count). Also learned that I really love competing. ACF Fall Classic & WODS4WISHES & The CrossFit OPEN have really ignited a smidge of a wildfire so I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some other local competitions. Have recommendations?! Send them my way please! Need a partner or teammate for something?! Pick me. Choose me. 

What’s your favourite CrossFit workout?

Anyone I can finish …. Just kidding!!  …kind of
With the exception of the mental fortitude it takes to keep track of all those reps (I can’t count past 10) Fight Gone Bad might be a fave if we’re talking benchmarks. If we’re talking in general… give me anything with a heavy deadlift or power clean, some sandbag cleans or carries, DB snatches and all the box jumps.

Outside of CrossFit, what are we likely to find you doing? 

Everything and anything probably at the exact same time. If you ever see me with less than 12 things on the go, then the person in front of you is not me and you should send help. But most likely with my dogs devising plans on how to pet more dogs and any opportunity I get to be water side (lake, river, ocean it doesn’t matter stick me by the water) …. Ps> Tell your dog I say hi.

Favourite Alchemy moment?

I had really just dipped my toes in the shallow end of Alchemy when COVID hit. Being a part of this year’s Friday Night Lights after 3 years was unreal.
My mom making faces at me every shuttle run of 23.2 and aggressively calling Coach Em a liar out of disbelief when she told me I thrustered 125lbs also in 23.2 (sorry Em <3)
Also … hitting some big numbers on my favourite lifts his year has been pretty incredible.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you want to have?

Transfiguration. I feel like this would allow me to live my best, animal loving, life.
Want to fly? BOOM… I’m a bird.
Feel like spending the day swimming? POOF… a freaking Orca.
Need to mildly inconvenience and annoy someone… yah, well, now I’m a Flea.

 If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Zero hesitation … pizza

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