Bed Rock Cycle

  We are using this cycle to set a strong foundation. The next 8 week cycle will be focusing on proper movement and mobility. We need to be able to move better before we can add weight and intensity. This may mean taking a couple step backwards so we can move forward. Body weight movements are essential to master before the complex movements, so let us nail these movements before we bring in the higher skill work next cycle. 

For mobility, we will be focusing on our squat positions. This will start with a test week of the wall squat, and throughout the entire 8 weeks we will spend 2 days a week working on bettering these positions. 

After 8 weeks of focusing on our body weight movements, we will end it with the best body weight benchmark that there is: “Cindy”.  Which is an AMRAP in 20; 5 pull up 10 push up 15 squats. 


Other things you can look forward to this cycle are:

Bulgarian split squats: unilateral work is essential in building a balanced body

Push Jerks: We are trying a more dynamic movement with our press this month, building from our landmine presses last month

Pause front squats: This will compliment the squat mobility and will allow us to build strength without using as heavy weight. 

Strict gymnastics:  Will focus on upper body strength and stability. Leading in to high skill upper body movements next cycle (ie muscle ups) 


Here are a few workouts to look forward to:

“Jackie”  Feb 27th- Lets see how much our rowing has paid off 

“ Boulder shoulders”  March 16th- Coach Mike’s favorite workout 

“ 20.5 retest” March 10th- My favorite workout of the open, so why not do it again??

“ Doug’s 70th bday throwdown” April 6th- Our oldest member has created a doozy of workout for us

“ Cindy”  April 9th- Our foundational movement test

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