Be the Fittest You on Earth: 3 tips for success

The 2017 CrossFit games are done and dusted for another year which means that the 2018 season has begun. You don’t have to aim for the title of Fittest on Earth but you can make it your goal to become the fittest you’ve ever been before. Here are three tips to help you reach that goal.  

Have fun

No matter what we do in life we need to enjoy it.  Whether it’s work or play, if you aren’t having fun it’s going to lead to stress and a decrease in your overall performance.  The same is true of athletic training. Of course, there will be good moments and bad moments to deal with, but if you keep an eye on your overall development you won’t be thrown off course by a few obstacles. Keep your training fun by doing it with a friend or a group.  Not only do you feed off other another person’s energy, having a crew makes you work that much harder, too.  

Work on weaknesses

You don’t get stronger by playing to your strengths so stop avoiding movements that intimidate, embarrass or just plain scare you. That means next time you see a WOD that includes some of your least favourite movements, don’t conveniently skip your workout or bail on the gym. Instead, show up and embrace the challenge. Sure, it feels great to rock a workout or PR your favourite lift, but by sticking to the things you excel at to the exclusion of those things you need to work on, you put a cap on your development and limit overall performance. Apply yourself to tackling your weaknesses and you’ll get stronger and more confident.  

Take care of your body

Working hard at the gym exacts a toll on your body.  Every time you work out you need to make sure you’re refuelling yourself properly. If you’re working out five times a week, you need to make sure you’re eating enough to properly feed your muscles. Eating is only half the battle, however; your body also needs rest and recovery.  Sleep is such an important factor in recovery, especially as it so deeply affects your hormone levels.  Get your eight hours in — even if that means you curb your TV time or social time.

Start to implement these three components of health and wellness into your day-to-day and I promise you’ll start to see and feel greater progress. And I’ll bet those positive effects will kick in a lot sooner than you think. 



Broder McNeill is a coach and co-owner at Alchemy CrossFit.

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