Alchemy Open 2024 Wrap Up

By Coach Craig of ACF

Hello Alchemy Family

The 2024 Alchemy Open has come and gone and we are so proud of the amazing support our community gave each other throughout this 3 week event. We saw over 200 of our members (150 in our Brantford location) jump in to tackle the Open WODs every Friday – whether in class or during our epic Friday Night Lights events. This year also marked one of the most accessible and inclusive Opens to date with 2 out of the 3 Open WODs having all of the movements being something that everyone could jump into, whether Rx or Scaled. On top of this, we were blown away by the amount of family members and friends that came out every Friday night. For so many, being able to showcase all the fitness gains with their loved ones was a true highlight to their Open. We truly believe that sharing what we do with those closest to us builds a huge confidence in our abilities and continues to drive us towards our goals.

Each week showcased so many fantastic moments, from some first time pull ups & muscle ups, to epic sprints on the rowers at the end of WOD 2, to arguably the fastest burpees we’ve ever seen during week 1. Watching all levels of competitors jump in was amazing, the most astonishing being the prenatal moms (to be) who were able to find a way to safely jump into these workouts. From week to week the biggest standout was the unwavering support our members gave us with volunteering their time every Friday afternoon/evening! The teams that hosted would show up an hour before the first heat to make sure the gym was decorated, snacks were put out and the workout floor was fully set up. From there, so many of you helped judge the workouts to make sure every single competitor had someone by their side to help them through each workout. This also included the Alchemy Staff who went above and beyond their duties in volunteering their time off to come in and support everyone and help keep the evening running as smoothly as possible. We also had a few of our members (and even the owner of Element Comps) come in to take videos and photos of our epic Alchemy Open moments.

For us, this 3 week competition is so much more than just an opportunity to showcase the abilities you’ve gained through the year. We view this as a way for our full community to come together and connect while also feeling a connection to the global CrossFit community. Doing something you know hundreds of thousands of people are also doing, just makes it so much more fun and definitely makes it easier to put forth your best effort.

We thank all of you for making this year’s Open yet another amazing highlight for Alchemy Community Fitness!

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