8 Tips for a Grace-Filled December

By Kasey Maguire of ORE Movement Studio

Instead of the usual hustle, bustle, get it done, wrap it up, cook it up, get in all the workouts, see all the people, it might be nice to try a little grace this holiday season. And no, I don’t mean 30 clean-and-jerks for time. What I mean is, rest, rejoice, enjoy your damn self and all the good people around you. 

Here are 8 ways to give and get more grace this holiday season:

  1. Keep up your regular gym schedule. Routine keeps us grounded and rooted in our days when things get chaotic. It can also be a wonderful reset.
  2. Skip the gym! Hah. Taking a few days off is just fine and you just might come back better for it.
  3. Does everything have to be baked and/or made from scratch? No, no, it does not. I will eat whatever form of shortbread is presented to me and will love you for offering to share your food with me. Thank you! Store bought is more than fine.
  4. Get outside. Just do it. Dress appropriately. It will be fine. Fresh air, sunshine, even if it is cloudy, is a reset for the body and the mind.
  5. Sleep in! This is coming from a regular 430am riser. Give yourself a few days with no alarms or throw in some naps. Sleep, like a good workout, like a refreshing walk outside, is a reset.
  6. Friends and family…see them, cook with them, eat with them, walk dogs with them. Or don’t, see next point.
  7. If the holidays are difficult with family and friends, set some boundaries on what dates and times you have available. No need to give details, just say you are otherwise engaged…going to the gym and making shortbread 🙂
  8. Give grace to another in whatever form the opportunity is presented to you. Offering food, hugs or a walk to someone may just be what they need to reset.

P.S. Just one more tip…

  1. Show up to Alchemy on Wednesday, December 13th. Do Grace. 

Happy December everyone,


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