5 Word Surrender I Hear in Response to CrossFit


Nine times out of ten, this is the response I get when I am engaged in a conversation about CrossFit

CrossFit originated as an underground movement of garage gladiators and quickly became an exciting sport to those that wanted to satiate their competitive edge beyond a normal workout.  These men and women certainly exist today but that isn’t what the fitness movement is about at it’s core.  It is about the average person finding a way to move their bodies, increase their fitness and ENJOY the experience.

This is what we see every single day at Alchemy – regular people making extraordinary improvements in their health and performance. Our family is made up of real people – retired teachers, resident doctors and first-time parents – at every level of fitness. These are people who may have believed “they couldn’t do it”, who pushed past their self-doubt, gave it a chance and in doing so, discovered that a) CrossFit is not intimidating and b) that they are capable of more than they imagined.

What’s more, each and every CrossFit gym is allowed to function under their own standards and procedures.  Alchemy’s version of CrossFit is less about competing and more about quality.  The quality of your movement, the quality of your experience and the quality of your life.  Don’t get us wrong, we will still include some competitive elements that we use to bring out the best of you, but your ability to come back again tomorrow is far ahead your one-time performance on our list of priorities.  

At Alchemy you WILL be asked to:

• Lift weights
• Push yourself in shorter, more intense workouts
• Learn new skills

You will NOT be asked to:

• Lift weights you can’t lift
• Push yourself mindlessly
• Perform movements you aren’t ready to do properly

Feel like you are…Too out of shape? Too old? Too overweight?

You’re welcome in our classes and each one will be tailored specifically for you.  

So, while there still may be rippling gladiator physiques at Alchemy, those individuals stand shoulder to shoulder with people that look just like you, your neighbours and your friends.

And while you still may think ‘I could never do that,’ I am telling you based on our experiences with thousands of people just like you, you can.

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